Wayne's Vision for Hancock County 

Jail Rejuvenation and Advancement
  • The current state of the jail is unacceptable.   The jail and the prisoners’ cell blocks are dirty covered with graffiti.

  • We will expand prisoner trustee program and immediately begin cleaning and painting the jail and cell block areas.

  • It’s not fair to the prisoners but more importantly, it’s not fair to the jail staff who have to work in that environment.

Treatment, Inclusion and Prisoner Reform

  • As Sheriff, I will spend time in cellblocks speaking to prisoners about various issues of concern.

  • We will upgrade treatment, education and rehabilitation for low-level offenders spending time in Hancock County Jail.

  • We will work collaboratively with the Probation Department utilizing the “Mental Health Protocol”, “Heroin Protocol” and other programs to treat and rehabilitate offenders and prisoners.

  • We will ensure all sex and violent offenders are accounted for and checked on a regular basis.


Deputies and Jail Personnel
  • As Sheriff, I will support deputies to make sure they have the resources necessary to fight crime and serve the citizens of Hancock County.

  • I understand their number one job is to go home safe at the end of every shift.

  • We will expand the number of qualified administrative employees.

  • This will allow us to keep as many Law Enforcement Academy trained officers working on the road to investigate crimes, serve warrants, fight the drug problems and provide assistance to people in Hancock County.

  • We will continue to allow specialty officers to fight against the drug problems plaguing the entire country. We will work hard to make sure those officers have the training and equipment necessary to continue to do the work that is being done.

  • I will require collaborative efforts from my department.  We will work side by side with all other law enforcement and first responders in Hancock County to better serve the citizens of our county.

Reserve Division Expansion
  • As Sheriff, I will ensure the Reserve Division is properly trained and suited with equipment needed to perform the invaluable assistance they provide

  • I will work alongside Current Reserve Deputies to develop a Citizens Reserve Division to supervise prisoner work details and other projects to better serve the citizens of Hancock County.

Representation and Community Involvement

  • As Sheriff, I will make sure I remain very approachable to the citizens of Hancock County along with the employees of Hancock County Sheriff’s Department.

  • We will expand assistance to adult protective services.

  • I will personally represent the department at Hancock County Council and Commissioner Meetings.

  • Youth and elderly citizens are special interests of mine. I will work to educate both groups and be approachable to speak to various groups on the dangers and con artists that can harm them.

  • I will assist in starting and expanding “Community Watch Programs” in any neighborhood willing to participate and encourage all Sheriff’s Department employees to become recognized by citizens in their local communities.